Fine Art Prints

      On my website you will find one of a kind art works. I am using different printmaking techniques and even some mixed medium, each piece will be explained in the description. Here is a short explanation of each process:

Mono-Silkscreen: printed using water based paints, I am painting on an open silk screen with no image burned into the screen. All of the different colors are painted on the screen all at once. Since I am using water based paints I have a limited time to work, this is usually based on the weather/work conditions. humid=more work time (15-20min work time), Hot and dry= less work time (10-15 min work time). after every color is applied I then run a squeegee over the screen and I get ONE single print. I spray the screen out and start the process again. I love this process because it is usually spontaneous and is fast paced. Most of the time you don't know what the end result will look like since you are working backwards with many different colors layered.   

Mono Type: made with a printing press. Using highly pigmented oil based inks. I am painting directly onto plexi glass. I sometimes use hand cut stencils in my pieces to add a high contrast, sharp image. These stencils are inked up and placed onto the plexi glass, on top of my background. This is then ran through a high pressured printing press which transfers the image onto printmaking paper (usually: Stonehenge, BFK Reeves). 

Linocut/Block cut Print: I am currently working with linoleum to make prints. This is done by using hand carving tools to make reductive cuts in order to make your end image. These prints are hand printed using a baren or wooden spoon that pushes the ink to transfer onto my printmaking paper (usually: Stonehenge, BFK Reeves). These take sometime to complete since you are cutting away at material. Lots of planning. But the end result is why we create them; they're bold, high contrast and can have great detail.

Mono-Silkscreen Print (M/S on the left hand corner)