Linocut Print Silver on Black
Linocut Print Silver on Black

Linocut Print Silver on Black

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Linocut print, Metallic Silver ink on Black paper

Title: “Intertribal Relation II”

Image measurements: 8 by 10 inches

Paper measurements: 11 by 13.5 inches

Numbered and signed edition of 30

Printed at Santo Press Studios with master printer Brent Bond. 

About the Print: I am a Choctaw, Euchee-Mvskoke Creek, Diné Woman and I wanted to create a piece that all of the design elements combined became a visual representation of me and each one of my tribes. Being from multiple tribes, all from across the southern region of the United States, Ive made it a point to incorporate an element from each tribe into everything I create. In this piece you will see many things, such as: The Navajo Whirling log, which comes from old stories of self sustaining, teachings which helped my Diné people survive and live off the land, this symbol pre-dates WWII. You will also see a late 1800’s shawl/scarf pendant design from my Choctaw relatives (Round design with “triangle” details). The oldest design is the Spider with its surrounding details, this came from the mound builders in the South East of who I also descend from. Among the older designs there are also modern jewelery designs of Indigenous jewelery, as I am also a Jeweler, I wanted that to be represented in this piece as well.