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Ahlazua Indigenous Woman Made

Matriarch Sun Gorget

Matriarch Sun Gorget

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Tso-Ya-Ha Matriarch Gorget

My people called themselves: Tso-Ya-Ha (Children of the Sun). The Sun gives us life, warms us, feeds the plants and animals which in turn nourishes us. So we praised the Sun. As Matriarchs we have the ability to give life and nourish our communities just like the Sun. This Gorget is to Honor the Mothers, Women, Sisters, Wives, Friends, Community leaders & Knowledge Keepers.

Gorget and Chain is all hand fabricated out of sterling silver which features three white and yellow mother of pearl “sun rays” that are hand cut and carved. The Shell is hand etched and darkened with oil based lacquer to allow contrast of etched designs. The center Shell features a Natural Opal cabochon set in a sterling silver sun ray design. The Opal setting is embedded into the Shell. There are two delicate chains that hang to the center to accentuate the shape of the sun rays and the Gorget. The chain has an adjustable clasp closure and a single Baroque Pearl that hangs from the end.

  • 3.75 x 2.25

  • On a 23 inch adjustable chain

  • Hand made clasp closure for easy wear


Using Indigenous Materials and re-Imagined Designs/Ideas from my Tribes in the South Eastern Woodlands and the South Western Deserts.

Modern, handmade, Indigenously Beautiful: Indigenous Woman Made.

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